Wisconsin Introduces Renewable Energy Incentives

January 17, 2005

Wisconsin's Focus on Energy is offering new incentives in 2005 for on-site renewable energy systems. The goal is to increase the number of homeowners and state businesses with their own renewable installations, and thereby reduce their utility bills, make them more energy independent, and reduce emissions from conventional generation. The incentives include:

  • Zero-interest loans.
    Homeowners can help finance installation of solar water heaters, solar electric, and small wind generators.
  • Cash-back rewards.
    Installations of solar electric systems on new buildings are eligible for cash-back awards for up to half the system costs.
  • Additional cash-back rewards.
    Installations on existing homes and businesses are eligible for cash-back awards up to 30% of the system costs.

Homeowners and businesses across the state are eligible for these new offerings. For details on these programs, see Wisconsin Focus on Energy's "incentives and grants."

Wisconsin Focus on Energy is a private-public partnership the provides information and financial and technical services in support of the state's renewable energy and energy efficiency programs to state utility customers. The programs are paid for by a small surcharge on utility bills. For more information about these programs, see FOI's January 17 press release.