Small Wind Turbine Installed at Pennsylvania State Park

December 17, 2004

Photo of small wind turbine sitting atop a trellised tower above treetop level near the shore of Lake Erie.

A new wind turbine at a popular state park in northeast Pennsylvania will provide 17,000 kWh/year to a nearby visitor's center.
Credit: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Kelly Burch from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) joined a group of park and state representatives to flip the switch on a new wind turbine at Presque Isle State Park on September 15. The park, near Lake Erie in the northeast corner of the state, receives millions of visitors annually. Burch said, "This project is part of Pennsylvania's drive to make the Commonwealth a leader in advanced energy technology."

Presque Isle received an Energy Harvest grant of $42,106 from DEP to fund part of the project. It uses a Bergey Excel-S turbine rated at 10 kW that sits atop a 120-foot tower on Barracks Beach across the road from the Stull Interpretive Center. The turbine will produce about 17,000 kWh/year of electricity for the center. For more information, see DEP's September 17 press release.

Source: Interstate Renewable Energy Council's Small Wind Energy November 2004 Newsletter.