Kansas Governor Halts Wind Power in Tallgrass Prairies

December 17, 2004

In late November, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius called on wind energy developers to delay projects in the Flint Hills area to preserve the Tallgrass Prairie ecosystem. The temporary moratorium is meant to allow counties in the area time to develop local guidelines for and evaluate the role of wind energy development. The governor designated a protected area called the "Heart of the Flint Hills," a 60-mile-wide swath just east of Wichita that runs from the state's southern border, through Manhattan, and ends about 25 miles south of the Nebraska border. See the governor's November 22 press release.

Governor Sebelius also encouraged wind developers to move ahead on projects outside the designated area. She is expected to draw on recommendations from the Kansas Energy Council to establish a package of wind energy incentives. The Kansas Energy Council publishes maps of the Tallgrass Prairie.

Source: December 1 edition of EERE News.