Michigan "NextEnergy" Positions State as Leader in Alternative Energy

August 02, 2002

Michigan Governor John Engler speaks at podium next to poster for NextEnergy.

Governor John Engler announces an economic development plan called "NextEnergy" that centers on creating a new alternative energy industry in Michigan.
Credit: State of Michigan

Michigan Governor John Engler unveiled a comprehensive economic development plan in April 2002 that promotes the development of an alternative energy industry in the state. The plan, called "NextEnergy," envisions creation of a 700-acre tax-free zone near Ann Arbor to attract alternative energy companies, tax incentives, national certification, and demonstration micro-grids using fuel cells. Engler believes the plan will catalyze the creation of a fuel-cell industry in the state. For details, see NextEnergy.

On introducing the plan, Engler noted that the market for fuel cell products is expected to grow to $95 billion by 2010. He also cited the state's dependence on jobs in the manufacture of the internal combustion engine and the likely replacement of that technology in the future by one based on fuel cells. For more information about Governor Engler's position, see Michigan press release.