New York Announces Incentive Program for Small Wind Systems

August 01, 2004

New York State residents have increased opportunities to power their homes with wind energy, as a result of the Energy $martSM Wind Incentive Program, sponsored by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

The program offers technical and financial assistance for small, noncommercial, grid-connected wind systems. The incentives can help offset installation costs by 15%—70%.

To qualify for the incentives, the customers must pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC), which is collected by Niagara Mohawk, National Grid Company, New York State Electric and Gas, and other investor-owned utilities. SBC is a fee on the transmission of electricity that costs the average homeowner approximately $10 per year. In addition, the wind generator must be:

  • A qualified wind generator
  • Erected on a lot no smaller than one acre
  • Able to produce at least 500 W of electricity
  • Connected to the local utility grid (grid-connected), as opposed to off-grid, where the system operates independently without utility power backup
  • Installed by an eligible installer. Visit the NYSERDA Web site for a complete list.

"With financial incentives in place and a growing network of qualified installers in the program, NYSERDA is making it easier for more homeowners to use wind energy," said NYSERDA president Peter R. Smith.

See the NYSERDA press release.