Rhode Island Launches Wave Energy Pilot Project

October 01, 2004

Photo of a wave hitting a structure that will convert its energy into electricity.

A simulated photo of how the Green Wave Rhode Island pilot project will look.
Credit: Green Wave Rhode Island

Energetech America announced plans on September 8 for a $3.5 million wave energy pilot project called GreenWave Rhode Island. Energetech, an Australian company with an American subsidiary in Connecticut, is known for developing an oscillating water column in which the movement of the waves forces air to rush into a hollow chamber where it is compressed, turning a turbine and powering the generator. Plans call for electricity to be transmitted via a cable under the seabed to a transmission line on the mainland, where it interconnects with the New England power system.

GreenWave Rhode Island will produce up to 500 kW of electricity, enough to power 300 average households. The project, which will operate for three years, has received $1 million in planning and development funds from the public renewable energy funds of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The project is not for profit, but demonstrates the commercial viability of wave energy and is expected to begin operations in 2006.

Source: September 8 edition of SolarAccess.Com.