California - Shell Solar Dedicates World's Largest Rooftop Solar Array

December 03, 2003

Photo of PV array covering a horizontal flat roof with rocky hill in the background

This high-tech solar array occupies more than 31,000 square feet on the roof of Shell Solar's manufacturing facility in Camarillo, California.
Credit: Shell Solar

Shell Solar Industries LP dedicated the world's largest rooftop solar array at its manufacturing facility on October 29. The array is rated at 245 kW and consists of 6,144 PV modules.

The modules are made from high-tech copper indium diselenide thin-films. The materials are applied in minutely thin layers in a vacuum process that is common for coating films on glass but is relatively new to the solar industry. The process has been under development for years through work sponsored by DOE and the California Energy Commission (CEC).

At the ceremony, CEC Chairman William Keese said, "We are pleased to have a long-term commitment with Shell Solar in the development of thin-film technology." For more information on the dedication, see Shell Solar's October 29 press release.