Minnesota Governor Doubles Ethanol Goal

October 01, 2004

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty plans to double the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline in the state and cut gasoline consumption by state agencies in half. The governor announced his proposals and issued a proclamation for state agencies on September 27 at the same time he declared Minnesota to be "the renewable fuel capital of the America." Pawlenty said, "The handwriting is on the wall. America needs to end its unhealthy addiction to foreign oil."

The governor's initiative will boost the rural Minnesota economy and has several components:

  • Double the level of ethanol in all gasoline sole in the state from 10% to 20% (E20). This mandate will take effect in 2015 or when half of the new cars sold in the state can accommodate E20, whichever comes first. The governor is sending letters to vehicle manufacturers requesting they update their warranties to include the use of E20.
  • Reduce state government gas consumption by 50% by 2015. These reductions will be accomplished through a combination of use of renewable fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel and increasing fleet efficiencies through the use of hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Purchasing hybrid buses that run on low-sulfur fuel.
  • Supporting the University of Minnesota as a National Center of Excellence for biofuels research and development.

Read the details of the governor's plans and his September 27 proclamation.