Rhode Island Adopts California's Vehicle Emissions Standards

October 01, 2004

Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri announced on May 5 that the state will adopt California's standards for automobile emissions. The standards require that 10% of all new cars and truck sold in Rhode Island be zero emission vehicles, but do not set a target date for reaching that goal. If Rhode Island follows California's experience, Rhode Island automakers will sell about 14,400 hybrid vehicles and 78,000 clean conventional cars by 2011.

Before the announcement Carcieri had been the only New England governor who had neither adopted nor voiced support for the California emissions standards. Under federal law, states can choose whether to adopt federal standards or the more stringent California standards. So far Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and Vermont have adopted the California standards, and Connecticut and Rhode Island are in the process of implementing them. For more information, see an article by Jim Baron in the May 6 edition of the Pawtucket Times.