Missouri DOT to Go All-E85

August 01, 2004

Missouri's Department of Transportation intends to convert its entire light-duty vehicle fleet to E85-capable flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs). The changeover process will be accomplished through normal attrition and replacement, and will take a few years, says fleet manager Donnell Rehagen. All 2003 and 2004 model purchases have been FFVs, he said.

Rehagen is generally pleased with the selection of available FFVs, which can run on any combination of gasoline and ethanol as high as 85%. "GM and Dodge offerings of E85-compatible trucks are the best thing that happened to us. We have a large need for full-size pickup trucks."

Currently, a 2,000-gallon E85 tank is located at the Central District Office in Jefferson City. It fuels about 90 vehicles. "We also have an E85 fueling facility in St. Joseph that fuels about 40 vehicles. Soon we're hoping to have pumps in Macon and Willow Springs," Rehagen said.

Source: July 15, 2004 edition of FYI National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition.