Illinois Aims to Boost Ethanol Fuel and Vehicles

August 01, 2004

A new Illinois law will encourage the use of corn-based ethanol by promoting flexible fuel vehicles that can run on any combination of unleaded gasoline and ethanol as high as 85%. Governor Rod Blagojevich signed legislation in August that mandates a state database to show where such vehicles are on the road.

"Right now, many drivers don't even know they're driving cars that could use E85 fuel. And if they do, there aren't many places to fill up with E85," Blagojevich said in a statement. "This bill will fuel our efforts to promote E85 in Illinois and hopefully lead to more E85 fueling stations across our state," he said.

The Illinois database will help companies that are interested in determining where to invest in the E85 fueling infrastructure by identifying where flexible fuel vehicles are located. There are now fewer than 50 E85 fueling stations in Illinois.

E85-capable cars and trucks have been produced by many major automakers since the mid-1990s. Available as such are minivans from DaimlerChrysler, pickup trucks and vans from General Motors, and the Ford Explorer sport-utility vehicle. Specific information on the ethanol and flexible fuel vehicles is available from DOE's Clean Cities Program.

Source: August 19 edition of FYI, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition; from Reuters News Service, August 16, 2004.