Wisconsin Task Force Recommends Renewables

August 01, 2004

An energy task force convened by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has returned with recommendations that include boosting the state's renewable resources to 10% of electricity use by 2015.

In the spring of last year, Doyle challenged the state's utilities to increase the percentage of renewables and asked the Public Service Commission to launch an enhanced strategic energy assessment for the state, taking a longer look into the future and conducting a more comprehensive review of supply options to craft an energy policy.

Task force chairman Lee Cullen said, "We need to make an increased commitment to energy efficiency and renewables. They are resources that reduce dependence on fossil fuels, they save ratepayers money, and they're better for the environment."

In addition, the task force recommended that the state government purchase renewable energy to 20% by 2010, improve energy efficiency programs, update energy building codes, and create incentives for rural development of wind power.

The task force is expected to issue a final report in the fall. The recommendations will then need to be implemented through regulatory and legislative changes.

See the Wisconsin Governor's Office press release.

Source: July 23 edition of Wind Energy Weekly.