Massachusetts to Build Northeast's Largest Solar Power Plant

May 01, 2004

Construction will start this fall in Brockton, Massachusetts, on the largest solar power plant in the northeastern United States. The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) announced in early March that it will provide $1.04 million to help fund the solar power installation, which is rated at 500 kW. Additional funding will be provided by the City of Brockton. The MTC has also pledged to spend nearly $650,000 to buy renewable energy certificates from the project once it is producing power. The project will be built on a brownfield — a blighted former industrial site — and will help to revitalize downtown Brockton. See the MTC's March 1 press release.

The MTC provided $2 million for four demonstration projects in October 2003 and $32 million for five commercial renewable energy projects in November 2003. The demonstration projects include a new hydroelectric turbine, a biomass gasifier, a biomass pyrolysis project, and an ocean wave energy device. The five commercial projects will generate about 100 MW of electricity from wind power, hydroelectric power, and power systems fueled with biomass and landfill gas.

Source: March 10 edition of EERE Network News.