Biodiesel Stations Open in New England

March 01, 2004

New Hampshire's first biodiesel pump has opened to the public. World Energy Alternatives will supply the biodiesel to Fleming's Shell Convenience Store, located at 99B Route 9 in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire. Fleming's will sell B20, or a 20% blend of biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel.

"For the end user, biodiesel has more than just emissions benefits, including the fact that it has higher lubricity than standard petroleum diesel," said Rick Fleming, president of Fleming Oil. "These biodiesel benefits can be a product differentiator for retailers, helping to drive more business through the door."

In December, Maine also welcomed a new pump that offers blended biodiesel to the public. The B20 pump is located at frontier village market on Route 3 in South China, Maine. The biodiesel will be provided by Frontier Energy, the only full-service supplier of 100% and blended biofuels and biolubricants in the state, according to the company. Vice President Joel Glatz says biodiesel is poised to become an integral part of Maine's transportation system.

Source: January 2 issue of the "Biodiesel Bulletin" (PDF 69 KB).