E85 to Fuel Toyota Prius Hybrid Demonstration

March 01, 2004

A Toyota Prius hybrid-electric vehicle is being tested to see if it can run on E85 fuel, which is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. The testing is being done at the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research at the Minnesota State University at Mankato. Automotive engineering students are doing the work under the direction of faculty members Paul Sullivan and Bruce Jones.

Baseline testing began with the use of E10, a standard grade fuel with 10% ethanol content used by gasoline vehicles throughout Minnesota. Testers will increase the proportions of ethanol to 85%. The goal is to determine whether the vehicle can run successfully on E85 in everyday use, perhaps with minor changes to the timing and fuel injection. Information is available in Volume 6, Number 5 issue of the The STREAM newsletter (PDF 584 KB).