Nevada Public Utilities Commission Approves Six Renewable Energy Power Plants

May 03, 2003

The Nevada Public Utilities Commission announced March 6 that it had approved six renewable energy power plant contracts, comprising geothermal and wind renewable sources. The contracts are expected to provide electricity to Nevadans at a stable and reasonable rate.

"Twenty-one months ago, when wholesale electricity prices from fossil fuel generating plants were near an all-time high, I signed SB 372 as part of the state's energy policy to diversify its sources of electricity," stated Governor Kenny Guinn. "These contracts are an important step in carrying-out that policy by providing electricity to Nevadans from renewable energy sources for the next 20 years at stable and reasonable rates." The new renewable energy power plants will generate approximately 227 MW of electricity and are expected to go online no later than 2005.

The State of Nevada will realize further economic benefits from the creation of these new power plants during construction, employing an expected 480 to 650 people, as well as employment of power plant operational staff. Source: Public Utilities Commission of Nevada press release (PDF 76 KB)