Mississippi Energy Division Aids School District

May 03, 2003

The North Panola School District is benefiting from major energy savings with the help of the Mississippi Development Authority's (MDA) Energy Division. In January 2002 MDA's Rebuild Mississippi Program gave the school district a $25,000 grant.

The district used the grant money to replace an old, inefficient boiler at its Vo-Tech Center in Como with a new, more efficient boiler that includes a programmable time clock to automatically turn the boiler on and off. Savings from the boiler switch are enormous: In November 2000 the district paid $4,990.92 in natural gas costs for the Vo-Tech Center. In November 2002, the bill was $401.46. The savings for just one month total more than $4,500. The grant also funded insulated windowpanes at Como Middle School and energy-efficient lighting at Sardis High School, both in Panola County.

For more information, see the Mississippi Development Authority Energy Division's March 12th press release (PDF 06 KB)