Arizona Utility Doubles Solar Incentives

March 01, 2004

Photo of a solar array in the Arizona wilderness with mountains in the background.

Arizona's abundant solar resource is exploited in PV applications throughout the state. For grid-connected installations, the state has doubled the incentive to $4 per watt. (Credit: Bob Hammond, Arizona State University - East)

Arizona Public Service (APS), the largest electric utility in that state, doubled its incentives for solar systems to $4 per watt. The incentives are for APS customers who tie the solar electric systems to the electric grid. The credit purchase amount for remote (off-grid) solar customers will remain at $2 per watt. Nearly 200 customers in remote locations around the state have taken advantage of the program in its first two years (2002—03), but fewer than 20 were tied to the grid.

In addition, APS will make a one-time credit of $700 available to customers who purchase a solar water heater. APS will purchase solar energy credits from these systems that help the company meet the goals of the Arizona Corporation Commission's Environmental Portfolio Standard. APS Vice President of Communications Ed Fox said the purpose of the incentive program is to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of solar power and to increase demand to make solar systems more affordable. For details, see APS' December 3 press release.

Source: December 10 issue of EERE Network News.