New Nevada Laws Support Net Metering

October 03, 2003

Nevada Governor Guinn signed two bills into laws on June 6 that define solar energy credits and make net metering more attractive. Net metering involves a connection of a small power generator, such as solar electric PV modules on a home or small business, for example, that is connected to the utility through a single meter. The meter measures the net flow of energy for billing. This arrangement effectively allows small generators to offset their electric bills with their PV systems.

The first bill (AB 296) multiplies by 2.4 the solar energy credits for companies and individuals who net-meter and consume at least half the energy they generate. Specifically, this means that starting on January 1, 2004, each kWh of electricity generated by a net-metered solar system could produce a credit valued at $0.17 to $0.22 depending on the utility.

The second bill (AB 429) creates a $250,000 fund that helps the Nevada Energy Office distribute grants, incentives, and rebates for individuals to buy or augment net-metered power systems.

Source: August 2003 issue of Austin Clean Energy Initiative Update.