Massachusetts Municipalities Tap Wind Power

October 03, 2003

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) announced a new initiative on September 19 for cities and towns across the state to explore the practicality of using local wind energy resources to generate electric power. MTC is providing $4 million in initial funding and will hold a series of meetings with municipal managers over the next year.

To support the initiative, the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, which is managed by MTC, has developed a detailed wind resource map for each one of the Commonwealth's 351 cities and towns. These maps help municipalities identify locations with high wind resources that may be suitable for development. Lacking such resources nearby, a municipality can purchase power from nearby renewable power generators. For example, the City of Newton recently purchased green power renewable energy certificates from a wind turbine in Hull. Such transactions support the development of renewable power producers in Massachusetts.

MTC Executive Director Mitchell Adams said he moved ahead with the initiative after several municipalities approached MTC in support of the idea. For more information, see MTC's September 17 press release.