Texas' First Fleet of Vehicles to Run on Ethanol

August 03, 2003

City Public Service (CPS) of San Antonio, Texas, announced on June 27 that it is operating a fleet of 130 vehicles on E85-a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. The CPS flexible-fuel vehicles, representing 37% of all of its light-duty vehicles, becomes the first fleet in Texas to operate on E85.

CPS made the decision in order to lower tailpipe emissions from its vehicles and help address San Antonio's air quality problems. Currently, San Antonio is in "near nonattainment" for ozone pollution under the standard set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to CPS Fleet Manager Lauro Garza, using E85 reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 40%, particulate matter by 20%, nitrogen oxides by 10%, and sulfate emissions by 80% compared with gasoline fuel. Garza says the CPS fleet will consume 50,000 gallons of E85 per year. CPS also has run a pilot project since 2000 to run its diesel engines on B20-a mixture of 20% biodiesel with 80% conventional diesel. Based on the results of this pilot, Garza says he hopes to convert 75% of the CPS fleet of diesel vehicles to B20 over the next five years. Currently CPS consumes 1.5 million gallons of diesel fuel per year.

The project received support from the Alamo Area Council of Governments, which is the Clean Cities coalition for the San Antonio Area. For more information, see the CPS June 27 press release.