Washington, D.C. Includes Wind Energy as an Ozone-Reducing Measure

August 03, 2003

The Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Air Quality Committee is proposing that wind energy purchases be included as one option to reduce ozone emissions that contribute to smog. In January, EPA reclassified the Washington, D.C.� Maryland � Virginia nonattainment area as "severe." The committee prepared a severe area attainment plan to show the progress being made to improve air quality in the Washington nonattainment area for ground-level ozone by 2005; for details, see the D.C. draft state implementation plan (PDF 1.4 MB).

The report states, "Under this measure, local governments in the non-attainment area would commit to purchasing a specific number of kWh of power per ozone season day from wind turbines instead of from the power plants that would normally supply power to the Metropolitan Washington region. This will decrease power generation from coal, oil, and/or gas-fired sources, reducing NOx emissions from those sources. Governments would commit to participation by signing a memorandum of understanding with the appropriate state air agency.

Source: June 6 edition of Wind Energy Weekly.