IREC Publishes "Model Rules" for Net Metering

December 03, 2003

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) recently released new model rules to help guide policy makers who are considering net metering or interconnection rules in their states. The model rules are for small-scale generators and depend on size, with simple inverter connections for systems rated at less than 10 kW, and greater and more detailed requirements for systems rated as high as 2 MW and 20 MW, respectively. This would only make sense if you specify the requirements for each size.

As part of this model, IREC published a model agreement for systems to interconnect with the utility through a single meter (net metering) that reflects agreements already in place in a number of states. IREC held workshops during 2003 in Kansas, New Jersey, Hawaii, and North Carolina. For details, see IREC's September 6 announcement.