North Dakota Coops Dedicate Wind Project, Green Power Offering

March 03, 2003

School bus and crowd of people at the base of a giant white wind turbine located on a prairie.

Two rural electric cooperatives installed this wind turbine, rated at 1300 kW, in November in Minot, North Dakota, which is one of the windiest states in the country.
Credit: Basin Electric Company

North Dakota rural electric cooperatives dedicated two new wind turbines on November 6th for a new green power program. The turbines cost a total of $2.9 million and have a combined rated capacity of 2.6 MW. Two rural electric cooperatives—Central Electric Power and Basin Electric Power—developed the project located near Minot, about 100 miles north of Bismarck.

Power from the turbines will be sold as part of the Prairie Winds Green Power program. Customers of 50 of Basin Electric's 124-member system can purchase wind-generated electricity in 100-kWh blocks at $3 per block. An air base near Minot will purchase a significant portion of the new project's output. For more details about the project, see the Basin Electric news release.

Source: November 8, 2002, issue of Wind Energy Weekly.