Wisconsin Paper Company Embraces Yellow Grease

January 03, 2003

New boiler fuel pouring form a beaker.

This new boiler fuel developed by the Amanax Group in Wisconsin is made from recycled cooking oil is cheaper and burns cleaner than Number 6 fuel oil it replaces. Credit: Amanax Group

Fraser Papers in Park Falls has discovered a new boiler fuel that is produced locally, is cheaper than the Number Six Fuel Oil it replaces, and burns cleaner than petroleum products. It is called Yellow Grease and it is produced from cooking oil recycled from Wisconsin restaurants. When Fraser made the switch to Yellow Grease in late November, it estimated it will save $40,000 annually by displacing close to one million gallons of fuel oil. (By switching to this renewable fuel, Fraser was also able to establish an interruptible natural gas service, which lowers its cost for gas.)

The fuel was developed by the Amanax Group, a Wisconsin-based team of companies and a partner in the state's Focus on Energy. Focus on Energy is a public-private partnership offering information and services to energy utility companies throughout Wisconsin and subcontracted by the Wisconsin Department of Administration's Division of Energy. For more information about Yellow Grease, see the Focus on Energy press release.