Massachusetts Launches Solar-to-Market Initiative

November 02, 2002

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) launched on October 10th a new $10-million Solar-to-Market Initiative. The initiative is awarding $2.6 million in grants to six organizations that will install roughly 250 solar power systems on homes, businesses, farms, institutions, and local government buildings throughout the state. The new initiative also includes a $5.3 million loan fund to support solar photovoltaic (PV) businesses in the state. In addition, MTC intends to award $600,000 to support public education programs; training programs for solar installers, inspectors, and utility representatives; and metering and evaluation programs to document solar power system performance. See the collaborative's press release.

The MTC manages the state's $150-million Renewable Energy Trust that disburses funds from a public benefits charge established several years ago when the state deregulated its electricity industry. Source: October 16, 2002, issue of EREN Network News.