Arkansas Garners Awards for Media Campaign

April 14, 2003

Arkansas Sprinkler Video - 00:31 (select preferred media player)
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This 30-second video clip was part of an award-winning campaign sponsored by the Arkansas Energy Office in spring 2002 to encourage energy conservation.

The Arkansas Advertising Federation presented two Addy Awards to the Arkansas Energy Office on February 15th for a public relations campaign and a 30-second video promoting energy awareness. The Arkansas Energy Office is an organizational unit of the of the Arkansas Department of Economic Development (ADED) and used some funding from DOE's State Energy Program for the campaign.

The energy office conducted its "Consumer Tips" campaign in the spring and fall of 2002 using both print and broadcast media. The campaign provided a humorous approach and tips on how to conserve energy and save on utility bills. It consisted of television spots and newspaper advertisements with warm-weather tips in the spring and cold-weather tips in the fall.

The campaign received excellent exposure on both cable and broadcast television, which aired the spots as public service announcements. In addition, ADED used its sponsorship arrangement with the Arkansas Broadcasters Association to air the spots in pre-arranged time slots.

The Arkansas Advertising Federation is a statewide organization composed of advertising and media professionals that gives out the Addy Awards annually for the best advertising in Arkansas. ADED materials were entered by StoneWard, which is ADED's agency in Little Rock and stood in at the award ceremony. Together they received two silver awards for second place in the categories for a 30-second TV spot and for a local TV campaign.