Massachusetts Grants for 100 Solar Systems

May 27, 2003

Photo of a home with a south-facing roof made of solar-electric PV panels.
Solar Works of Montpelier, Vermont will receive a grant for a PV installation like this home in Boston with a roof made of PV panels. (Credit: Solar Works)

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) announced $3.5 million in grants for more than 100 new solar electric systems across the state. There are 21 recipients for the grants that range in amounts from $42,000 to $500,000. In addition to solar energy, the grants will foster development of new and renovated energy efficient buildings.

MTC is the development agency for renewable energy for Massachusetts. The grants are from the state's Renewable Energy Trust, which is funded by a small surcharge called a "systems benefit charge" paid by electricity consumers. The Trust has awarded $3.8 million for 350 new solar systems to be installed in 2003 and 2004. According to the MTC, the Massachusetts solar industry has annual sales of more than $43 million, of which 78% is for exports.

The Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources oversees the state's energy programs funded with the systems benefit charge using a small amount of funding from DOE's State Energy Program. For more information about its activities, see DOER's programs and publications.