APS Lowers Premium for Green Choice

October 28, 2009

APS, an electricity utility serving about 1.1 million customers in Arizona, announced it has lowered the price premium for its voluntary renewable energy offering, APS Green Choice Rates, from 1.0¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 0.04¢/kWh. Under the program, customers can purchase Green-e certified renewable energy from wind and geothermal resources in specific increments or as a percentage of their monthly electricity use. Customers also have the option of purchasing solar energy equivalent to half or all of their monthly electricity needs for 16.6¢/kWh.

The 60 percent drop in Green Choice Rates reflects the reduced difference in cost between conventional generation (mostly natural gas) and renewable generation last year when program supplies were purchased. APS expects to have enough renewable energy to meet the needs of residential customers, but may not have sufficient supplies to meet non-residential customer demand. The utility is encouraging nonresidential customers that want to participate to sign up by October 30, 2009.

News Release - Rate Decrease Makes Renewable Energy More Affordable for APS Customers

Contact: Steven Gotfried, Media Contact, 602-250-3040