Missouri Governor Dedicates Landfill Gas Facility

October 21, 2009

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon dedicated a new renewable energy and waste heat utilization project on October 19 that will reduce energy costs at two state correctional facilities in Jefferson City. Landfill gas harvested from the Jefferson City Landfill will be captured and piped to a nearby power generating facility. Columbia Water and Light Company will purchase the electricity. Excess heat generated by the engine-generators at the facility will be captured to supply steam and hot water for two nearby state correctional facilities.

Utilizing the waste heat generates considerable savings for the Jefferson City Correctional Center and the Algoa Correctional Center on their utility bills. Altogether, the project will save Missouri taxpayers an estimated $400,000–$500,000 in energy costs each year plus an additional $670,000 in annual operating costs by shutting down the boiler at Algoa.

The project represents the state’s second landfill gas facility. For more information, read the governor's October 19 press release.