West Virginia Governor Proposes Renewable Portfolio Standard

February 23, 2009

West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin announced in his State of the State address that he was introducing legislation to require 25 percent of the electricity sold to retail customers to be generated from alternative and renewable energy sources by 2025. Manchin said the bill, the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act, will help meet the state's energy needs, create jobs, and improve the environment.

Alternative and renewable energy resources are defined in the act as "advanced coal technologies and wind, solar, and other nontraditional sources of energy." The act:

  • Sets new net metering requirements and directs the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) to adopt standards and rules for net metering and interconnection.
  • Establishes a system for electricity utilities to receive credits for certain demand-side energy initiative projects, greenhouse gas emission reduction, or offset projects.
  • Allows utilities to trade those credits among themselves.
  • Sets financial penalties (compliance assessments) for failure to meet the renewable portfolio standard.
  • Establishes the Alternative and Renewable Energy Resources Research Fund, which will be funded by compliance assessments and private donations. The fund will provide matching grants to state universities for research on alternative and renewable energy projects.
  • Requires utilities to file compliance plans and yearly reports with the PSC.
  • Provides incentives to locate new alternative energy facilities in West Virginia.

For more information, see the governor's February 12 State of the State address and House Bill 2682 (PDF 63 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

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