Indiana's Governor Helps Commemorate State's Largest Wind Farm

June 09, 2008

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels joined officials from Dominion and BP Alternative Energy on May 29 at a ceremony to celebrate the construction of the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, located about 90 miles northwest of Indianapolis. The project will be built in phases, eventually generating a total of 750 megawatts (MW) of wind energy capacity.

The first phase will utilize 222 wind turbines — 182 Vestas V-82 1.65-MW turbines and 40 Clipper C-96 2.5-MW turbines — to produce 400 MW of electricity. That phase is expected to be operational by the end of this year. The second phase is expected to generate an additional 350 MW, bringing the total project output to 750 MW. Construction of the second phase could begin as early as 2009. Dominion and BP are partners for 650 MW of the 750-MW site, with BP retaining sole ownership of 100 MW.

Once operational, Dominion says Fowler Ridge will be one of the largest wind power facilities in the world and will generate enough electricity to power more than 200,000 homes. The wind farm is also expected to provide revenue to local landowners, in the form of leases, and tax revenue to local governments. The project will also create new jobs. Phase I is expected to employ approximately 350 workers during peak construction and a full-time staff of more than 12 workers who will monitor and maintain the site after Phase I has become fully operational.

Power from Phase I will be sold under three long-term contracts. Two of those contracts are for 100 MW with Indiana Michigan Power and Appalachian Power, both subsidiaries of American Electric Power, based in Columbus, Ohio. The third contract is with Dominion Energy Marketing, a subsidiary of Dominion, for 200 MW.

At the ceremony, Daniels said, "Indiana is becoming a leader in clean energy production, including wind, clean coal technology, biofuels and other alternatives. America needs more homegrown energy from every source, and the greener the better."

For more information, see the Dominion May 29 press release.

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