Wisconsin Task Force Recommends Immediate Energy Efficiency Measures

March 03, 2008

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has received an interim report from the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming that recommends several early action steps to address global warming challenges in Wisconsin. These steps include investigating and adopting new utility ratemaking polices that promote energy conservation and efficiency and creating new energy efficiency standards for residential and commercial buildings.

Other recommendations in the interim report include:

  • Legislation requiring rental properties to install energy efficient lighting in common areas and wall mounted fixtures
  • Legislation to create uniform standards for siting wind systems
  • A study to look at the technical and economic potential for developing wind energy on Lakes Michigan and Superior
  • Implementing greenhouse gas reduction strategies across all state agencies and universities
  • A study to explore geological sequestration for carbon dioxide produced by Wisconsin's electric generation fleet
  • Creation of the Wisconsin Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiative, a voluntary program to motivate and enable individuals, communities, farms and other businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The task force determined that taking some early actions would be more cost-effective than waiting until after its final report this spring. While the interim report's recommendations concentrate most on the state's electric generation sector, the final report is expected to give more attention to transportation, buildings, land use planning and development, agriculture, forestry, industry, and electric generation.

Task force members include representatives from Wisconsin business, industry, and government in addition to energy and environmental leaders.

Doyle said, "The time to take action is now, and this interim report is a step toward addressing global warming while growing the state's economy, creating new jobs, and utilizing homegrown resources and technologies to make Wisconsin a world leader on this issue."

For more information, see the governor's February 19 press release.

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