Drilling Commences on Utah Geothermal Site

November 12, 2007

Raser Technologies, Inc. has announced that it will begin drilling on a geothermal production well in central Utah for use in a 10-megawatt (MW) binary-cycle geothermal power plant.

The site, located in Utah's Escalante Desert, abuts an exploration well that was drilled several years ago. This well exhibited temperatures higher than 300°F. There is also a series of hot springs in the immediate vicinity. The site is within a few miles of the transmission grid, allowing for economical interconnection.

Raser is currently in negotiations with a California utility to purchase the power that would be generated at the site. The company says that the project has received certification as a Qualifying Facility from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The project will be the first geothermal power facility built in Utah in 17 years.

The company is also developing geothermal sites in Nevada and New Mexico, which have an estimated combined capacity of 50 MW.

For more information, see the Raser October 24 press release .

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