Georgia's First E85 Station Opens in Atlanta Area

November 05, 2007

Georgia has opened its first E85 station at a Texaco Food Mart in Smyrna, about 15 miles northwest of Atlanta. General Motors (GM), CleanFUEL Distribution, SP Petroleum, and Indore Oil all contributed to the effort.

CleanFUEL Distribution supplied the necessary E85 conversion parts and equipment, which were used to convert the dispenser to E85 compatibility. SP Petroleum performed the equipment conversion service, and CleanFUEL Distribution, along with its partner Indore Oil, are providing fuel for the station.

GM and CleanFUEL Distribution announced the station's opening on November 1 during a media relations education program at the Georgia State Capitol. The program also promoted alternative fuel vehicles and usage.

CleanFUEL Distribution and GM also held a workshop for fleet managers and dealerships at the GM regional headquarters, which addressed E85, flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs), fuel logistics, E85 marketing strategies, and other alternative fueling applications. That evening, GM sponsored the Georgia Tech/Virginia Tech college football game during which FFVs and E85 were promoted.

CleanFUEL Distribution plans on opening an additional 20 stations in the next several months in metro Atlanta and Georgia.

Source: November 5 edition of NEVC FYI newsletter

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