South Carolina Passes Five Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Laws

July 02, 2007

South Carolina passed several renewable energy and energy efficiency laws in June. The new laws provide millions of dollars to promote biomass, solar, and wind energy as well as renewable fuels and energy efficient vehicles and buildings.

Highlights of the legislation include:

  • House bill (H.) 3749, the Renewable Energy Grants and Loans Program, which provides low interest loans for building renewable energy generation facilities, including those powered by wind, solar, and biomass resources.
  • Senate bill (S.) 243, which includes the Hydrogen Infrastructure Development Act. The act allots up to $15 million in incentives for hydrogen, renewable fuels, and biomass energy. The bill also includes the Energy Freedom and Rural Development Act, which provides sales tax rebates for flexible-fuel, hydrogen, electric, and hybrid vehicles.
  • H.3620 and Proviso 73.12(29)(B), which provides that the South Carolina Department of Agriculture will receive a recurring allocation of $150,000 for a biofuels marketing program to promote biofuel public awareness. There is also a one-time provision of $250,000 for ethanol and biodiesel testing equipment to monitor alternative fuels sold in the state and recurring funds for staff to test the fuels.
  • H.3034, the Energy Independence and Sustainable Construction Act of 2007, which requires all state-owned buildings worth more than $15 million to meet the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) "Silver" building standard.
  • H.3161, the School Bus Bill, which requires that the South Carolina Department of Education use biodiesel in school bus fleets wherever economically feasible.

For more information see the South Carolina Energy Office June 25 press release and a summary of energy legislation compiled by the office.

Source: June 29 article in SNL Energy Renewable Energy Week

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