New Biodiesel Plant Being Built in Detroit

May 22, 2007

Three partners in promoting biodiesel — Biodiesel Industries Inc., NextEnergy, and DaimlerChrysler — came together May 15 to break ground for Biodiesel Industries' newest facility in Detroit. The plant will perform biodiesel research, development, and production.

The plant, which is Biodiesel Industries' sixth such project, will have the capacity to produce 10 million gallons of biodiesel per year using various feedstocks, including crude, refined, and recycled vegetable oils and animal fats. The plant will feature automated process controls to ensure that the fuel meets U.S. and global standards. The company uses a patented and proprietary technology to produce the fuel.

Research and development efforts, to be performed in conjunction with NextEnergy, will include analyzing new feedstocks and converting a brownfield site into an agricultural resource. DaimlerChrysler will donate the use of land at a former SuperFund site for producing soybeans, and perhaps other oil-bearing crops, for use in the research programs.

DaimlerChrysler has promoted the use of biodiesel fuel nationally with the launch of the Jeep® Grand Cherokee CRD diesel, Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel pickup, and Mercedes E320. The company delivers these vehicles to customers with a blend of biodiesel in the fuel tank. The new plant will provide DaimlerChrysler with a nearby source of biodiesel that is made from resources grown in Michigan.

Biodiesel Industries builds, owns, and operates biodiesel production facilities in the United States and Australia.

NextEnergy is a nonprofit, 501(c) (3) organization, founded in 2002 and funded with a $30 million seed grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. The center implements economic development strategies to accelerate research, development, and manufacturing of alternative energy technologies in Michigan.

For more information, see the Biodiesel Industries May 15 press release.

Source: May 21 story in Renewable Energy Access.

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