Colorado State University To Build Wind Farm To Offset Campus Energy Use

April 30, 2007

Colorado State University (CSU) has announced that it will build a 65-megawatt (MW) wind farm in northern Colorado, called the CSU Green Power Project. The wind farm will generate enough renewable energy to offset 100 percent of the institution's Fort Collins campus, and could generate enough extra power to be sold for millions of dollars, creating a welcome stream of revenue. It will also function as an outdoor laboratory for university researchers.

The Colorado State University Research Foundation or CSURF, a private, nonprofit advocacy arm of CSU, has finalized a deal with Wind Holding LLC to develop the facility on the university's 11,000-acre Maxwell Ranch near the Wyoming border. Wind Holding LLC has 2 years to begin construction and up to 8 years to complete the project, which would include about 25 wind turbines generating 65 MW, with the potential to generate up to 200 MW.

At peak demand, CSU uses about 16 MW of power. Because the facility will generate more power than the campus needs, the university can sell that extra power, realizing up to $30 million in revenue over the 25-year life of the project. See a project description on the CSU Web site.

Wind Holding LLC plans to tap wildlife and environmental experts at CSU to assist with environmental impact studies related to building the facility. The company will also work with CSU and outside experts regarding the aesthetics of wind turbine siting and solicit input from residents in the area and the general public about the project. It also plans to demonstrate the financial benefits for typical ranching operations and offer other area landowners the opportunity to host wind turbines on their property as a way of supplementing rural or ranching income.

For more information, see the March 29 CSU press release.

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