Vermont Utility Creates Program To Allow Customers To Go Carbon Neutral

April 24, 2007

Vermont utility Green Mountain Power announced April 23 that it will offer a "choose2bgreen" program that provides customers a way to neutralize their carbon footprints through renewable power and home heating and driving offsets.

Choose2bgreen allows the utility's customers to sign up for three different programs on its website: Greener GMP, CoolHome and CoolDriver. GreenerGMP allows customers to purchase energy from certified renewable resources equal to some or all of their monthly use. CoolHome and CoolDriver give customers an option to offset their individual carbon footprint associated with heating their homes and driving their cars, respectively. Customers can sign up for one program or all three. Participation ranges from just $3 per month — the cost of offsetting a small car — to approximately $50 per month — the cost of purchasing 100% renewable energy and offsetting both home heating and driving a large SUV.

The CoolHome and CoolDriver offsetting programs are offered in partnership with NativeEnergy, headquartered in Charlotte, Vermont. In addition, the offsets for Green Mountain Power's operations will be purchased from NativeEnergy and paid for by the company's owner. Funds raised through these programs are used to help finance the construction of renewable energy projects, including Vermont and Northeast-based methane and biomass projects. These projects displace electricity from fossil fuels and reduce other greenhouse gas emissions, making up for the carbon emissions from daily home and travel requirements. The offsets are donated to and retired by Clean Air – Cool Planet, a Northeast-based nonprofit environmental leader, which has partnered with Green Mountain Power since 2002.

Green Mountain Power is an electric utility owned by Northern New England Energy Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gaz Metro, a Quebec energy company. Green Mountain Power transmits, distributes and sells electricity and utility construction services in a Vermont service territory with approximately 90,000 customers.

For more information, read the April 23 Green Mountain Power press release (PDF 94 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

Source: April 23 Greenwire article picked up by Ecosystem Marketplace.

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