Kentucky Governor Announces Biodiesel Grant

April 16, 2007

A $25,000 grant from the Kentucky Governor's Office of Energy Policy has been awarded to two Kentucky fuel providers for biodiesel storage and distribution projects, which are expected to expand the use of biodiesel in the eastern, central, and southeastern parts of the state. Governor Ernie Fletcher made the announcement in an April 10 press release.

The grant recipients are Bertram Oil Company of Monticello and Kentucky Petroleum Supply of Winchester. The grant will be administered by the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition — a nonprofit organization based in Louisville. In selecting grant recipients, the coalition coordinated with the Center for Rural Development in Somerset to identify strategic locations for biodiesel storage and distribution projects in central and eastern Kentucky.

"Expanding the use of biodiesel is a step we can take to reduce our dependence on imported fuel," Fletcher said. "Use of renewable and cleaner fuels is good policy today and produces a more stable and secure economic environment for tomorrow."

The grant will enable both fuel providers to purchase storage and distribution equipment for biodiesel and deliver fuel to 18 additional counties that have been unable to acquire biodiesel. Bertram Oil Company and Kentucky Petroleum Supply will supply biodiesel to individuals, small fleet operations, and large fleets such as Vulcan Materials and other mining operations in the area.

Kentucky currently has two biodiesel production plants, Griffin Industries in Butler, and Union County Biodiesel in Morganfield. In addition, Owensboro Grain Company, in Owensboro, currently has a 50-million-gallon production plant under construction, and plans to open in June 2007.

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