Colorado to Open 40 More E85 Fuel Pumps

February 20, 2007

On February 15, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter announced that 40 new E85 ethanol fuel pumps will open across the state over the next year. Colorado is the largest beneficiary of a 12-state, public-private partnership with General Motors to expand the availability of E85, a fuel made from a combination of 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol.

"One of my top priorities is to establish a New Energy Economy for Colorado built around renewable and cleaner sources of energy," Ritter said in a press release. "By the end of 2007, there will be 50 E85 ethanol fuel sites in Colorado, up from the 13 we have now."

Ritter said that he would begin using a flexible-fuel vehicle for state business in about three months, and noted that it would now be easier for him and for all Colorado drivers to find an E85 pump nearby.

In addition to General Motors' national effort, the state expansion has been led by the Colorado E85 Coalition, a group of private companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies dedicated to increasing Colorado's use of renewable fuels. Two Colorado retailers, Pester Marketing and Western Convenience, will be installing E85 pumps in 22 stations with financial assistance from the coalition. The coalition has also provided marketing and technical assistance.

A GM press release said the company will be promoting the new fueling locations as part of a national campaign to boost the use and awareness of E85. GM says it will promote the stations whenever customers purchase flexible-fuel vehicles. In addition to Colorado, GM has announced partnerships in South Dakota, California, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, and Virginia.

For more details on plans for the new fuel pumps, see the governor's February 15 press release and the GM February 15 press release. For more information on financial assistance for Colorado's ethanol infrastructure, see the Colorado E85 Coalition January 8 press release (PDF 31 KB).