Georgia's First Energy Plan Includes Study of Renewables, Advanced Technologies

January 02, 2007

The Georgia Energy Policy Council submitted its first State Energy Strategy for Georgia to Governor Sonny Perdue on December 14. The report encourages the state to prioritize its energy resource options to meet its growing energy demands and to examine energy efficiency, renewable energy, and advanced generation technologies.

The plan proposes ways to improve access to affordable and clean energy resources. Five key areas are identified for policymakers to consider, including prioritizing energy resource development, developing alternative fuels, encouraging improvements at state-owned facilities, educating the public, and continuing to support future energy planning.

Some of the proposals include:

  • Creating incentives to adopt new efficient building technologies.
  • Exploring alternative ratemaking policies to provide financial incentives to utilities to pursue energy efficiency.
  • Implementing a suite of policies to encourage highly efficient distributed generation, including the development of statewide interconnection standards and a Georgia combined heat and power roadmap.
  • Supporting the biomass fuel industry.
  • Creating a greenhouse gas inventory and greenhouse gas registry to prepare for carbon markets and future regulations.
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of local renewable energy potential.

For more information, see the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority Web Site and read the plan (PDF 893 KB).

Source: December 29 article in SNL Energy Renewable Energy Week