E85 Vehicle is Grand Prize in Kansas Lottery

January 03, 2007

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius recently unveiled the Kansas lottery's newest scratch ticket that promotes the ethanol industry by offering an E85 vehicle as a grand prize.

At a recent news conference the governor showed an oversized version of the new ticket and said, "the lottery and its partners are helping promote an industry that is increasingly important to Kansas….Demand for ethanol is creating a growing market for Kansas grain."

The new Truck & Bucks game was developed by the lottery in partnership with a local farm equipment show and the GMC Division of General Motors. Players will have a chance to win a 2007 GMC Sierra E85 Crew Cab Pickup in a second-chance drawing.

The Sierra E85 is a flexible fuel vehicle, which means it can operate on any blend of ethanol up to 85 percent. If ethanol is not available, the vehicle can operate on straight unleaded gasoline.

In addition to the truck, the grand prize includes payment of mandatory state and federal income withholding taxes and other taxes and fees. Total value of the grand prize is approximately $70,000.

The second-chance drawing will be held May 12 at the 3i Show, which is a farm equipment trade show in Garden City, Kansas.

Source: January 2 article in the Kansas City InfoZine