Florida Partners with Brazil to Promote Ethanol

January 02, 2007

On December 18, Florida’s outgoing Governor Jeb Bush announced a partnership between Florida and Brazil aimed at increasing the Western Hemisphere’s commitment to and collaboration on greater ethanol use. The partnership, the Inter-American Commission on Ethanol, supports the governor’s 15 by ‘15 Initiative, which sets a goal to consume 15 billion gallons of ethanol per year in the United States by 2015. Ethanol imports would likely come into this country through Port Everglades and the Port of Miami, Bush said.

Long-term goals of the commission include creating an international ethanol market and the Inter-American Ethanol Organization. In addition to promoting the use of ethanol, the commission will explore setting mandates for ethanol-blended fuel and promote scientific and technical research in alternative-based fuels. Furthermore, the commission will arrange "road shows" to increase awareness of the ethanol initiative. Such shows will aim to attract policymakers, interest groups, and industry. The effort will include disseminating information, generating media coverage, and promoting public discussion on ethanol benefits.

Bush said that "Brazil has demonstrated strong leadership in creating a reliable and solid ethanol industry, and I am confident that the commission established today will allow us to form a formidable partnership to encourage ethanol use throughout the Western Hemisphere."

Bush was joined at the launch ceremony by Roberto Rodrigues, president of the Superior Council of Agrobusiness and Brazil’s former minister of agriculture, and Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Sources: December 29 article in SNL Energy Renewable Energy Week and December 18 article in the South Florida Business Journal.