Indiana Lieutenant Governor Awards Energy Grants Worth $1.1 Million

November 13, 2006

Indiana Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman awarded $1.1 million to increase the energy efficiency of Indiana schools, local governments, and businesses. Skillman heads the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development (OEDD), which serves as the energy office for the state.

The grants are managed through the U.S. Department of Energy State Energy Program. The grants will provide funding to:

  • Construction of 12 alternative energy projects
  • Installation of E85 pumps in 13 counties
  • Build infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles running on compressed natural gas
  • Improve the energy efficiency in public facilities in four counties.

For details, see the OEDD November 9 press release.

For further information, see the Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development Web site, which lists Indiana grant programs for Fiscal Year 2006 – 2007.