City of Bridgeport Opens Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Station

November 15, 2006

The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut on November 14 celebrated the opening of the city’s first public access fueling station for natural gas-powered vehicles. The facility was built with public and private funds of $264,750. The U.S. Department of Energy, through the Clean Cities Coalition of Southwest Connecticut, provided $73,750 for station installation and project management.

Santa Energy Corporation will operate the natural gas fueling station under an agreement with the City of Bridgeport. The station will be open to the public with the use of a Santa Energy fleet fueling card. Santa Energy contributed more than $20,000 toward the station installation and will provide ongoing operation and maintenance of the equipment. Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P. donated the fueling station equipment, valued at more than $165,000, to the City of Bridgeport. "Iroquois believes that the use of natural gas vehicles is a sound investment that promotes environmental sustainability and energy diversity," said Jay Holm, President of Iroquois Gas. The Southern Connecticut Gas Company provides natural gas to the facility.

Bridgeport Mayor John M. Fabrizi said at the dedication ceremony, "The opening of the natural gas fueling station will allow the city to expand its natural gas vehicle program, which will help improve our air quality while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and stabilizing fuel costs." The City of Bridgeport currently operates three natural gas vehicles in its Public Facilities Department fleet. For more information, read the City of Bridgeport's November 14 press release.

Connecticut Energy Director Raymond Wilson said at the ceremony, "Today represents yet another step towards reducing the state's reliance on foreign oil for our transportation needs." Wilson applauded the many partnerships and significant amount of coordination involved in the project. He also pointed out that the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management had supported Clean Cities coalitions in Connecticut for years. For details about this support, see the Connecticut page on the State Energy Program Web site.