Tennessee Governor Unveils Alternative Fuels Initiative

October 23, 2006

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen on October 20 announced the specifics of Tennessee’s alternative fuels initiative to increase the production and use of cleaner renewable energy resources.

The specifics are based on recommendations of the Alternative Fuels Working Group to develop a comprehensive alternative fuels strategy for Tennessee. The alternative fuels initiative has a $4 million budget for this year. The proposal includes specific steps to increase biofuels availability at retail stations, produce more ethanol and biodiesel, help local governments make biofuels available to their fleets, and communicate the importance of biofuels to the public. The State of Tennessee is also supporting the efforts of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee to create a more cost-effective biofuels production process.

"Doing everything we can to promote greater use of biofuels is not only a smart energy strategy, it's important to improving air quality to improve the health and welfare of Tennesseans," Bredesen said.

For more information, read Governor Bredesen's October 20 press release.