Tennessee Governor Test Drives Hybrid Vue Green Line

September 20, 2006

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen on September 19 helped launch the first fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle produced in Tennessee and says he's considering a few for the state. Bredesen joined other state and local officials who test drove the Saturn Vue Green Line sport utility vehicle at General Motors Corporation's Saturn manufacturing plant in Spring Hill.

"I think a lot of Americans love to purchase a car that's fuel efficient, in part because they're saving money on fuel, but also because they want to do the right thing and help reduce pollution," Bredesen said. "We buy a lot of cars in the state. We probably should try to get some more hybrid cars on the road."

GM touts the Saturn Vue Green Line as the most affordable SUV on the market, and its hybrid system is expected to provide 27 miles per gallon in the city and 32 miles per gallon on the highway. It comes with front-wheel drive, a four-cylinder engine that burns regular gasoline, seating for five, and a four-speed automatic transmission. Like other gasoline-electric hybrids, the Vue Green Line saves on gas consumption by shutting off the engine while idling, giving the vehicle a boost of electric power during acceleration, and capturing electrical energy when the vehicle is braking.

Source: September 20 edition of Memphis Online: CommercialAppeal.com.