DOE to Award $6 Million to State Partnerships for Building Energy Efficiency Projects

September 19, 2006

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the selection of 22 federal-state partnership projects to increase energy savings in American homes and businesses.  The total value of the selections is $6 million for 22 projects across 20 states.  The Department anticipates FY06 funding to be $3.9 million, with the remainder funded in FY07 and FY08.  

Funded by DOE’s Building Technologies Program (BTP), within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, these innovative projects will integrate BTP’s deployment and technical assistance activities in the following program areas: Building America, ENERGY STAR®, Building Energy Codes, and Rebuild America. The projects will implement creative initiatives that will increase energy savings in the residential and commercial building sectors. While actual award dates will vary, DOE anticipates making the awards in September.  

The state partnership selections are listed below (subject to negotiation):  

Recipient:  Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority
Title:  Southeastern High Performance Buildings
Summary:  This project is a multi-state collaboration with North Carolina and South Carolina, focused on providing training for residential/commercial design, construction, and building code professionals; providing comprehensive energy modeling and in-field diagnostic testing; building a network of residential and commercial building stakeholders; and providing educational programs to consumers.
Contact:  Cyrus Bhedwar, 404-584-1077  

Recipient:  Kentucky Office of Energy Policy
Title:  Enhanced Building Energy Efficiency Technology Deployment in Kentucky
Summary:  This multi-state collaboration with West Virginia and Tennessee will provide training to the building community on energy efficient building technologies; incorporate the benefits of energy efficient, productive, and affordable buildings into the curriculum of the community college system; and increase homeowner awareness of the comfort, durability, and energy savings associated with sound building practices.
Contact:  John Davies, 502-564-7192  

Recipient:  Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Title:  Gulf Region High Performance Homes Program
Summary:  This program aims to spur market transformation in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region through educational outreach, demonstration, technical assistance, and training on locally appropriate, hazard-resistant, energy-efficient, and healthy building science and technologies.
Contact:  Karen Lewis, 225-342-4513  

Recipient:  Maryland Energy Administration 
Title:  Mid-Atlantic Home Performance Collaborative
Summary:  This multi-state collaboration with the District of Columbia, Delaware, and Virginia will focus on improving energy efficiency in existing houses by spotlighting the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. 
Contact:  David Cronin, 410-260-7543  

Recipient:  Maine State Energy Program, ME Public Utilities Commission
Title:  Whole House Energy Efficiency Pilot Project
Summary:  This grant will be used to establish a pilot program that will accelerate acceptance of energy efficient technologies; train and promote a pool of qualified independent energy contractors; employ a comprehensive, whole-house approach; and implement marketing, mentoring, and quality assurance strategies.
Contact:  Shirley Bartlett, 207-287-3318  

Recipient:  Mississippi Development Authority, Energy Division 
Title:  Promoting Energy Codes and “Beyond Code” Programs through EPACT Tax Incentives
Summary:  This grant will integrate building energy codes and "better than code" programs using the tax incentives of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT 2005) as a coordinating framework, promoting building energy codes, Building America approaches, and ENERGY STAR Home procedures as avenues for achieving the buildings-related tax incentives of EPACT 2005. 
Contact:  Motice Bruce, 601-359-6600  

Recipient:  Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Title:  Illinois-Kansas-Missouri Tri-State Residential Energy Efficiency Project
Summary:  This multi-state collaboration with Illinois and Kansas will expand the success of existing Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs in Peoria (IL), Kansas City (MO), and St. Louis (MO) to three additional cities, and deploy ENERGY STAR Qualified New Homes in four cities.
Contact:  Anita Randolph, 573-751-2254  

Recipient:  New Mexico – Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department
Title:  New Mexico’s Three Strides Toward Energy Efficient Buildings Summary:  New Mexico’s project will promote market transformation toward Zero Energy Homes.
Contact:  Susie Marbury, 505-476-3254  

Recipient:  New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Title:  Multifamily Standardized Training Program – Getting a Handle on Your Building Energy Costs
Summary:  New York and Connecticut will host sixteen seminars entitled “Multifamily Standardized Training Program – How To Get a Handle on Your Building’s Energy Costs,” enabling building owners, managers, and superintendents to understand energy efficiency principles and take corrective action.   
Contact:  Karen Villeneuve, 518-862-1090  

Recipient:  Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection
Title:  Implementation of the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code – Pennsylvania Housing Research Center
Summary:  The goal of this project is to increase compliance with the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) by providing advanced training to enable more effective and efficient energy code enforcement; creating a self-sufficient code compliance system; improving municipalities’ energy code administration and enforcement; and quantifying the current rate of energy code compliance in Pennsylvania.
Contact:  Jane Seiler, 717-772-8928  

Recipient:  State of California, California Energy Commission
Title:  California Rebuild America
Summary:  The California Energy Commission (CEC) will expand the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) High Performance Relocatable Incentive Program by developing a scorecard, updating the specifications, modifying the Design Manual for Renovations, and instituting a monitoring program; the CEC will issue a solicitation for local governments to incorporate energy efficiency in their regional plans.
Contact:  Karen Shimada, 916-654-4455  

Recipient:  State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management
Title:  Building Operator Certification for State and Local Public Employees and Employees of Small Commercial/Industrial Organizations
Summary:  This project will accelerate energy efficiency improvements and operations in publicly and privately owned commercial buildings by providing training to 180 state, municipal, and small commercial/industrial facilities personnel, integrating deployment elements of Rebuild America as well as building codes and ENERGY STAR components. 
Contact:  John Ruckes, 860-418-6384  

Recipient:  State of Florida, Florida Energy Office
Title:  Automated Energy Code Compliance System – A Pilot Project for Enhanced Enforcement and Evaluation
Summary:  This grant will develop a pilot project with the Hillsborough County Building Department that will provide computerized “intelligent” code compliance screening that could save manpower resources for field inspections and other important code official activities. 
Contact:  Jim Tatum, 850-245-8245  

Recipient:  State of Michigan
Title:  Michigan Home Builders Training:  Integrating Building Codes, ENERGY STAR, and Building America
Summary:  The State of Michigan will provide training workshops hosted by Michigan Energy Demonstration Centers, exposing home builders to cost effective building approaches that will enable them to build to the State energy code and ENERGY STAR standards, and to take advantage of the EPACT 2005 tax incentives.
Contact:  John Sarver, 517-241-6280  

Recipient:  State of Minnesota, Department of Commerce
Title:  Energy and Environmental Building Administration (EEBA) Outreach and Training to Transform the Home Market – Build America
Summary:  The State of Minnesota, Department of Commerce will utilize the existing EEBA infrastructure to train homebuilders on building energy efficient homes, using educational and demonstration material that enables market transformation; providing technical support to builders on ENERGY STAR requirements; and increasing awareness of energy efficient building strategies through the Annual Excellence Building Conference and Expo and the Zero Energy Home Learning Laboratory.
Contact:  Jeremy deFiebre, 651-297-1221  

Recipient:  State of Minnesota, Department of Commerce
Title:  Project to Enable Commissioning Provisions in Commercial Energy Codes
Summary:  This project will demonstrate and evaluate the practical application of commissioning as a provision in a state energy code; develop, deliver, and evaluate training for building officials on the Minnesota energy code’s new acceptance testing requirements (a major component of commissioning); and measure the difference in number, extent, and additional costs of missed opportunities between acceptance testing and full commissioning.
Contact:  Jeremy deFiebre, 651-297-1221  

Recipient:  State of Montana, Department of Environmental Quality
Title:  Montana Integrated Approach for Delivering Technical Assistance to Schools and Residential Buildings
Summary:  This grant will provide technical assistance to the Montana K-12 School Facility Inventory and Energy Audit project; develop new opportunities for schools to coordinate state funded facility inventories and planning for energy efficiency improvement projects; and implement a comprehensive residential code training program for home builders, subcontractors, and the design community.
Contact:  Dean Rude, 406-444-4256  

Recipient:  State of Rhode Island
Title:  Northeast Regional Building Energy Codes Project
Summary:  In collaboration with Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, the State of Rhode Island will update building energy codes to most current version of IECC (2004 supplement or better); facilitate state working groups to adopt best practices in energy code training; and provide materials and services to implement energy code training for design professionals and builders.
Contact:  Janice McClanaghan, 401-222-3370  

Recipient:  Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts 
Title:  Building Technologies Program-Rebuild America-East Texas Rural Building Initiative (RA-RCBI)
Summary:  This grant will improve energy efficiency in new and existing multi-family residential and commercial buildings by 35% through private-public partnerships, providing technical assistance and workforce training to high school students/adults; retrofitting the Van Community Center and City Hall; and integrating energy efficient design in existing and new residential and commercial plans.  
Contact:  Felix Lopez, PE, 512-463-1080  

Recipient:  Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Title:  Multi-State High Performance Housing and Energy Code Enhancement Initiative
Summary:  This multi-state collaboration with Illinois and New York will provide technical assistance to Austin Energy to upgrade their current energy codes; pilot test a new single-family housing performance analysis tool to be developed by Energy Systems Laboratory; transfer lessons learned from the Austin pilot to other areas of Texas; and provide workshops to participating states on a new high-performance housing analysis tool.
Contact:  Felix Lopez, PE, 512-463-1080    

Recipient:  Vermont Department of Public Service
Title:  Vermont High Performance Schools Implementation Project
Summary:  This project will improve the energy performance of Vermont schools, improve energy education in Vermont classrooms, increase stakeholder awareness of energy performance in Vermont’s existing school buildings, and support efforts to improve the energy performance of school buildings throughout the state.
Contact:  Erin Bralich, 802-828-4036  

Recipient:  Washington Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development
Title:  Implementation of a Coordinated Regional ENERGY STAR, Building America, and Building Energy Code Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance Program in the Pacific Northwest
Summary:  This multi-state collaboration with Oregon, Idaho, and Montana will accelerate the adoption of Building America strategies throughout the Northwest building community by utilizing Building America knowledge and techniques, mainstreaming them through the ENERGY STAR Homes Northwest Program and, where appropriate, proposing them as code improvements for Washington and Oregon State codes and for tax credit treatment in Oregon. 
Contact: Cory Plantenberg, 360-956-2101