Georgia Commission Lowers Green Power Premium, Increases Payments for Distributed Solar Power

September 06, 2006

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) approved in early September a reduction in the premium for the green power programs of the Georgia Power and the Savannah Electric Power companies. Georgia Power offers customers the opportunity to purchase electricity generated at a landfill gas station in DeKalb County at a premium of $4.50 for a block of 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Previously, Georgia Power charged $5.50 for a block of 100 kWh under its Green Power Program. To participate, customers have to commit to a 12-month contract. Georgia Power The EERE Green Power Network publishes a summary of the Georgia Power Green Power Program. The program is just getting under way at the end of 2006 when the DeKalb County station goes online.

The commissioners also said they anticipate the two electric companies will consolidate their green power offerings later in the year. See the PSC summary of its rulings on green power in Georgia, with links to the utilities offering green power programs.

At the same meeting, the commission increased the buy-back rate Georgia Power will offer to small-scale solar generators from $0.15 to $0.174 per kWh. See the PSC September 5 press release (PDF 39 KB.)